Cortland Euro Nymphing Outfit – 10’6" 3wt , Lamson, Rio

  logouc190.gifUPCOUNTRY only carries the best wader and can serve you on the water.Many years of experiments tell us that although all the waders can leak through sufficient use, most brands will fail too quickly.Simms and Redington Buck provides reliable, reliable waders, and support you when disaster.

  We from Simms, Korkers and Redington’s wading boots also provide excellent performance and value.Simms provides lasting boots in the Vibram rubber sole or traditional felt, and has reliable reliability.My own favorite Korkers ….. Mixed comfort and innovative technology, including the bottom of the exchanges, can attract you in any case -Grady


  & Bulls; Toray 4 -way stretching nylon fabric (84 % nylon/16 % spandex) with dermatone, 20.000mm/10.000mvp

  & Bulls; Very lightweight and soft fabric

  & Bulls; DWR complete

  & Bulls; tape seams

  & Bulls; Extended chest pockets

  & Bulls; Kaishou

  & Bulls; Tool Patch

  & Bulls; Manual Pocket

  & Bulls; Improved cuff regulator/rubber inner sleeves

  & Bulls; Suitable for active exercise

  & Bulls; D-RIND in the back bag

Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket

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BRO Athletes: Soaking in The Sanctuary

Brothers athlete: Soak in the shelter

  For many of us, kayak fishing has the same relationship with the relationship between us on the water and the relationship between it from below.

  Drew Gregory, Jackson kayak fishing professionals, I have been trying to connect fish for many years. Drew (Drew) runs the Baxin River Championship track of the successful kayak river bass fishing trail series. He traveled with his wife Christina and traveled with his wife Christina. Three years ago, he had to miss a game we planned to participate in, because his fishing performance conflict conflict on wild waters. Since then, I have been worried about him.

  In the week from May 11th to 14th, Drew played another game. We hit another obstacle. The rain blows out our river. We decided to adjust the parameters of the game and changed it to the online format. In this way, people will not be forced to fish chocolate milk highway, also known as the James River. As the game switches to the online format, Drew no longer needs to come to Virginia. But in any case, he drove and went to fish in Trophy Largemouth Waters in Brie Creek Lake.

  13166837_102959980712673_1137068846_nWe met at the briery launch site on the morning of May 12 and began to make a closing. I was fishing my Jackson COOSA HD, Dream, and Drew fishing his Jackson CUDA 12 in Realtree. I was very eager to go to the water, so that I pulled the Star’s Ronnie Fisher PFD, and I started rowing and casting before Drune said to his wife.

  Water is more calm than the level I have ever seen. I know Dream is tied up some fast ChatterBaits, and so on. He wants to cover some water. Therefore, I decided to walk slowly, asking for a picky dropper from PowerTeam, seduced the head to shake the head, and then left the shooting sick stick. I also have a larger swimming bait, but I am going to fish slowly with worms.

  Drew has two fast and huge explosions on his ChatterBait, but they have no buttons. However, he soon began to hook them. After being dropped by three fish, he was excited to unlock the bite. I like to look at the new water of the skilled fishermen. When Drew covered Lake Brief Creek, I learned a lot. This is a lush lake, which is filled with flooding wood, which is usually suitable for people during the first fishing. But don’t draw. When I told our day, a friend commented: "That guy can fish."


  I didn’t get anything on the swimming bait, so I started to hang my head /worm combination, and then slowly bounced to the wood. It was when my hits started, and I started to bass after the bass.

  Both Drew and I like Smith sunglasses to see the movements under the ground, and 13 fishing rods bring the action to kayak. Drew is sponsored by these companies and GoPro, Raymarine, Bending Branches and Kokatat. He has achieved an outstanding reputation in our industry, as a approachable ambassador for kayak fishing, and is a good competitor at the championship scene. I think he didn’t realize this at first, but I followed how much of each of us was pulling the subwoofer.


  I chose Brie Creek Lake, because it gave me the opportunity to fish for the upcoming Yak attack championship, so that the hero benefits the water on the water. Although the game is mainly about fundraising activities, as a member of the Yak attack area and the Star Fishing Team, I want to score well in my backyard.

  But on this day, there is no pressure. Between work and family, my life has been busy with me. I know that Drucru has been busy with the River Bassin Trail and his wife and dogs. It is difficult to find some quiet time for simple pursuit. On this day, we got the need for charging. There are no competitions, no competition hype, no emergency business perspective, and only two kayak fishing fishermen are looking for big basss on the water. We rowed the row, we was immersed in the beautiful asylum in Brief, and then fishing for the fish. This is very interesting, isn’t this why all of us start kayaking?

  Photo May 12, 12 10 57 PM

  When the trip was closed, I got the best bite of the day, and Drew ended with another solid fish. We did not attract one of the legendary fools of Briery, but we spent a pleasant time. We still complete a successful fishing task, and there are about 14 basss between the two of us. Moreover, although I laughed at Drew playfully, I had to snatch away the big mouth (Home Stadium Advantage). One day is full of tranquility and rowing bass. Dru and I agree that we must meet again. This is a great day. A day of good people, beautiful scenery and good fish. This is a very simple equation, which is very effective. Kayak fishing, put it on your last wish list.


  related information:

Big Catch


  I am likely to be the worst flying fisherman in the world. I lack patience and complete technical incompetence in my heart, which can make local and non -local catfish species a natural insect repellent. I was very pace, loud, and I could only make a knot: the kind of cancellation immediately after dragging. What is that knot?

  In any case, fish usually avoid me, but I like to refuse. Standing in the cold water ankle, the repeated exercise of the actor, the quietness of the stream … and even my blasphemy is rhythm, when I stuff the lines in Rhodo, half a minute erupts.

  Ah, flying fishing. I need all the help I can get. Fortunately, SweetWater Brewing Company has my support. They created a new plan around the limited edition fish/puzzle can help the stream of catfish inventory. Because, fishing is a digital game. The more fish in the river, the greater the chance of eating one of them to eat with me.


  Show SweetWater to stack the photos of stacking fish cans on one of the convenient social media platforms, and they will store catfish into the local stream. This is a cool program. Its fisherman comes from the fishermen from the southeast and posted photos of their tanks. Even President Jimmy Carter participated in the operation, and he put a bunch of suspicious sweet water IPA in his hands.

  Carter actually played an important role in the development of my terrible fisherman. When he served as the president, he established the Chatta Hutch River National Entertainment Area. Shortly after the specification, I learned to fish on that river. At that time, ‘Hooch was full of tubers and was excessively contaminated by bastards, but I vividly remembered a huge rainbow in my first batch of outings. I am using my dad to rotate the cheap rotation stick for me. Before I was born, he had a small mouth bass and hung on the wall of the office. When my father and I were involved in the fish together, my 8 -year -old mind began to clean up the space in my own room. This must be the size of the trophy. This will be a glorious hunter trophy. I might start to wear those wild zoo -style khaki vests, and then hold a knife. After all, this is done by the great fishermen.

  When we pull the water closer, the fish treats water. My father knelt down, grabbed the huge catfish with his left hand, and fell the hook with his right hand. This is big. I started to doubt how long it takes to sit in the fish. Can we do today? So, can I go to school on Monday?

  Of course, once the fish releases from the hook, it will slide from my father’s hands. It turned out that I came from a long string of real bad fishermen. If we have a family badge, it will be a middle -aged man. When it wanders, it swores to the fish.

  This is such a bad fisherman. But these new cans from SweetWater are helpful. Is it strange if I installed them on the office wall?




BRO Athletes | Brian Vincent at the Louisiana Kayak Fishing Boondoggle

Brother athlete | Brian Vincent (BONDOGLE

  Sitting in Fontainebleau State Park in Mandawell, Louisiana, a Virginians know that many of us knows many of us in kayak fishing.

  "As long as you look around," Jeff Singleton (Jeff Singleton) gained the crowded camp # 74 of Holly and Stanley Jones."This is all the content of BOONDOGLE. All these people are together."

  You may want to know: "What is a fool? Why is Louisiana?"

  According to the website: "Boat fishing BOONDOGLE ? is a four -day event, usually twice on President’s Day and Columbus Day. Boondoggle provides escape for the kayak fishing enthusiasts who want to relax, party and fishing. Fishing with people who are in the new place with the interests. "Img_5010The BONDOGLE on the weekend of Columbus has a supplier, a lottery and a clinic, and the Presidential Festival BONDOGLE is a more leisurely event. This is my second BOONDOGLE. I participated in Persakola in Florida two years ago. I caught some big fish and had to hang it with many cool people. BOONDOGLE will change the position in each event, so that fishermen have the opportunity to fish for new waters.

  When Boondoggle popped out, I jumped into it. I have never been to the Bayou country. The event comes from the beautiful Fontainebleau State Park. I drove 14 hours for two days.BV@On the first night, a party and greetings were held in the gazebo area, and then several clinics. Then, Adam Hayes and Mark Watanabe, Mark Watanabe, in Yakangler, plus the local ship’s Woody Calloway on the stage on the stage In the enthusiastic competition of Ro Sham Bo, the winner took home a local ship killer 13 Propel. This is a very interesting game!

  The next morning, I joined Richie Bekola, Old Town/Ocean Kayak Pro and BART SWAB, Action Kayak Adventures Guide, and then entered Bayou Lacombe. It was a beautiful morning, and many clumsy people got up. The wind was quickly picked up, and soon after we launched, we covered the shadow. We scratched back to the swamp. I caught the largest fish that day, which is a small big mouth bass. What?BV1On Saturday night, it returned to Louisiana’s large food gazebo, provided by the local fire department. Supplier village was ignited. There are games and big draws. This is a wonderful time to stroll around the tribe.

  That night, the carnival came in, and I spent a pleasant time, walked in camping, and visited friends from all over the country. The next morning, I woke up and decided to hit Bayou Lacombe again. I scratched the swamp, caught more bass, and then transplanted on the beach to Polm Lake. I immediately saw Jack Crevalles destroy the surface. I threw them to them and chased up and down on the beach, but never had a firm hook.BrianfThat night, I went to the above camp # 74 for the POTLuck. Followed by joy and high Jews, so this was the last night of a fool. It was a night of laughter, delicious food and multiple beverages.

  The next morning, I got up at about 3:30 in the morning to meet with Jameson Redding, Yakangler’s TV, Ram Mountain’s John Jackson and Nocqua Lights EJ Caughlin, traveled south for red fish for red fish. Essence

  On this day, we scratched the bright color of the magnificent Louisiana.

  That was the last day of BOONDOGLE. We need some high -quality fish. Jameson has gained some high -quality shooting in the magnificent sunrise. John and EJ have never encountered red fish before, so the task is simple. Find red! We planned a broken layer of fish bay. One day, we planned 300 yards of bait to rupture water! I have never seen something similar.BV3EJ was the first person to connect, but then lost. Jameson chased him on his live water sports SUP. I hung up shortly after Jameson. feels good! Then John’s pole bent, that was a game! Next is EJ’s turn. Fishing is hot!

  This is the coolest part of this trip. I like to see people hook people into their first species, especially when it is a red fish.

  Jameson asked me on the camera: "Why are you clumsy?"

  I am a fisherman. I like BOONDOGLE’s friendship and community, but I really like to capture good fish in beautiful new areas. This day is my fool. The air echoed with laughter and fish, and it was loose everywhere. This is very special.

  It was the end of BOONDOGLE. The leather boat fisherman packed and set off. I decided to persist for another two days. It was rewarded …

  I stood on Atak and patrolled in the grass line in the southern part of Louisiana. At that time, I found a shadow moved for 30-40 yards. It was a red fish, leaning on the grass, waiting for the bait to roll. I quickly drove the 4 -inch Mexican shrimp to the scene. It is perfect. The actor landed 2 feet in front of the fish. I twitched the bait, prosperous! The water erupted, the sled ride! I landed my best red fish as 40 inches.

  Louisiana is a magical destination. The re -creation of outdoors is crucial to my happiness. BOONDOGLE provides me with the opportunity to do this. I row in Louisiana every day, soaked in every scene, and every sound, I feel that every one of my blades pass through water.

  The fool gave me the opportunity to realize my big fish dream again. It gives me the opportunity to visit the unique athlete heaven. I must hang with some excellent people. Louisiana, I will see you again.

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