Big Catch


  I am likely to be the worst flying fisherman in the world. I lack patience and complete technical incompetence in my heart, which can make local and non -local catfish species a natural insect repellent. I was very pace, loud, and I could only make a knot: the kind of cancellation immediately after dragging. What is that knot?

  In any case, fish usually avoid me, but I like to refuse. Standing in the cold water ankle, the repeated exercise of the actor, the quietness of the stream … and even my blasphemy is rhythm, when I stuff the lines in Rhodo, half a minute erupts.

  Ah, flying fishing. I need all the help I can get. Fortunately, SweetWater Brewing Company has my support. They created a new plan around the limited edition fish/puzzle can help the stream of catfish inventory. Because, fishing is a digital game. The more fish in the river, the greater the chance of eating one of them to eat with me.


  Show SweetWater to stack the photos of stacking fish cans on one of the convenient social media platforms, and they will store catfish into the local stream. This is a cool program. Its fisherman comes from the fishermen from the southeast and posted photos of their tanks. Even President Jimmy Carter participated in the operation, and he put a bunch of suspicious sweet water IPA in his hands.

  Carter actually played an important role in the development of my terrible fisherman. When he served as the president, he established the Chatta Hutch River National Entertainment Area. Shortly after the specification, I learned to fish on that river. At that time, ‘Hooch was full of tubers and was excessively contaminated by bastards, but I vividly remembered a huge rainbow in my first batch of outings. I am using my dad to rotate the cheap rotation stick for me. Before I was born, he had a small mouth bass and hung on the wall of the office. When my father and I were involved in the fish together, my 8 -year -old mind began to clean up the space in my own room. This must be the size of the trophy. This will be a glorious hunter trophy. I might start to wear those wild zoo -style khaki vests, and then hold a knife. After all, this is done by the great fishermen.

  When we pull the water closer, the fish treats water. My father knelt down, grabbed the huge catfish with his left hand, and fell the hook with his right hand. This is big. I started to doubt how long it takes to sit in the fish. Can we do today? So, can I go to school on Monday?

  Of course, once the fish releases from the hook, it will slide from my father’s hands. It turned out that I came from a long string of real bad fishermen. If we have a family badge, it will be a middle -aged man. When it wanders, it swores to the fish.

  This is such a bad fisherman. But these new cans from SweetWater are helpful. Is it strange if I installed them on the office wall?